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RF absorbing materials

I continually get asked about RF absorbing materials... To either protect our signals from going out, or keep others from coming in. Recently I researched a product from Paragon Glass. It is called Signal Defense Glass- it is DoD tested, here are it's specs :<br><br>Signals Defenses Technology is a patented, optically clear, Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) blocking window film, glass or polycarbonate (PC). Deploying SD Technology to fenestrations will provide privacy/eavesdropping protection, additional security for wireless networks/devices, RF sheltering for equipment and humans with very HIGH solar energy/UV blocking.<br>The SD2500 Film provides the HIGHEST levels of RF and IR attenuation, meets and exceeds the requirements of various US Government organizations’ specifications for optically clear RF/IR/UV<br>attenuating film/optical coatings, especially with respect to IR, and is listed by DoD as an RF/IR Attenuation<br>film tested to be “beneficial” as Alternative Shielding including TEMPEST Countermeasures.<br>KEY PRODUCT FEATURES:<br><br>· ULTRAVIOLET TRANSMISSION (&lt;380NM) &lt;1%<br>· INFRARED RAY TRANSMISSION (800-1500NM) &lt;1%<br>· RF (30MZ-6+GHZ) &gt;46 DB<br>· THICKNESS (SD2500) &gt;.002 IN<br>· VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMISSION (400 – 780NM) &gt;53%<br>· VISIBLE LIGHT REFLECTANCE 13%<br>· TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY REJECTED 70%<br>· SHADING COEFFICIENT .35<br>· SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENT .30<br><br><br>There are many applications for it and wanted to just share it with the community. The laminate is in the glass so anyone going through a re- model should consider it as an option for corporate security.<br><br>You can find paragon glass on the web.

Re: RF absorbing materials

Unfortunately, even if this works for the area of the glass, it does nothing to affect signal going through the wall next to the window.


Without shielding the entire structure - including roof and floor - its really not possible to stop signal leakage.


Wireless companies like Aruba invest significant sums of money in RF cages from test equipment manufacturers.  These are enclosed areas that provide significant reduction of signal.  But even they are not perfect.  Typical signal reduction is 30-40dB for the rooms we purchase at a medium price point.