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RMP not coming-up correctly

We're having a big challenge deploying Remote Mesh Portals. We had these systems working, in lab, with ArubaOS 6.4.3 beta - using AP-274 a year ago. Now we're ready to hang - the RMPs will not come-up correctly. MPs work fine.


When provisioned as RMP:

   The RMP will use all IP addresses from a VPN Services/IPSec Address pool - the RMP steps through all available addresses in pool then start over from the pool. Plus, I can only re-provision the RMP after a purge from AP Console.

Attached show:

RMP online - incrementing IP address

2 Children - they never appear

Radios displaying EIRP/MaxEIRP - 0/0 - this is displayed directly after new IP address assignment. I cannot ping the assigned IP.


The AP comes-up fine as a Remote AP.


Tried RMP on AP-325,274,275,225.


Any help is appreciated.


Is it there a tool to compare config files? I would like to load an old config.


ArubaOS -

Controller - 7210

Dummy VAP created with split-tunnel and VLAN

Open TAC case #5318429414 28 Mar 2017



Greg Crockett

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Re: RMP not coming-up correctly

You should continue to work the case.  Very few people know about or even deploy remote mesh portal and the functionality could have been silently broken.

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