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RTLS And Documentation

Hello Aruba Guys,

Writing from Tokyo Japan.

I am using Aruba Access Point RAP-3WIN. Our mission is to receive RTLS data from AP and

decode and parse the received RTLS data over UDP.

UDP data is coming to my Server from AP. Now I want to decode and parse that RTLS data.

I had gone through RTLS Integration V6 documentaton. Sorry to so say documentation is not so good.

A sample code is written there and they asked to install this library.

Here is the art directy copy & pase from documentation


It makes references to utility functions that are not defined here. It is not code
that can be directly reused as it will not work without those utility functions.



It is wrtitten there Mercury::Utility::MAC->text2bin($rtls_data{target_mac}),

So where to get that Mercury::Utility::MAC library?

Thats All.

Awaiting your respnse.





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Re: RTLS And Documentation

No response?