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RTLS not working on a certain firmware?


Please let me know if I am posting in the right place or not.


Pretty simple question.


Current setup

4 locations

1 to 2 IAP-135s at each location

VPN (Aruba IPSEC) to an Aruba controller

RTLS configured to send data to an internal IP

Routing profiles have been configured

Aruba VPN controller where IAPs terminate their VPN have a whitelist entry for every IAP with a unique remote IP.


Configuration is as follows


 route  <public_ip>
 route  <public_ip>
 route  <public_ip>

vpn primary <public_ip>


RTLS configuration is below:



I have 4 deployments and we are getting data for 3 of them.

The difference, firmware, the one that is not working is on while the ones that are working are on


I don't even see any data in "show datapath session" going to port 5050 on the one that is not working while I do see data to port 5050 on the other 3.


Any ideas what is happening? How can I further validate using support commands that something is going on before I open a TAC case.


I am planning on upgrading all 4 of them to the latest firmware shortly.




Pasquale Monardo | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
ACDX #420 | ACCA
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