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Recieved frags in BA session



I have a customer who has had quite a few problems with the wifi, and they run mainly OS X and Surface. I have adjustet RF settings and tried a bit with CM on and off.

After reading a longer thread on AirHeads about Surface's having trouble we upgraded to, both to have the fix that someone reported and to shut down the krackattack hole.

It seems to be better, but i do get some errors on the controller i'm not familiar with.


Nov 23 15:06:18  KERNEL(MWNOOSLARUAP501@ [668492.451598] Warning, Received Frags in BA session from (78:4f:43:59:b9:ad)
Nov 23 15:06:18  KERNEL(MWNOOSLARUAP501@ [668492.451598] Dropping frames because is not allowed by 802.11


My local Aruba SE suggested too large certificates, but they don't use certificates as they mostly run OS X machines.

He also suggested jumbo frames, but controller is not set to process jumbo and as they use Aruba switches, i can see they are configured with jumbos set to this:


 Jumbos Global Values

  Configured :  Max Frame Size :  9216      IP-MTU :  9198
  In Use     :  Max Frame Size :  9216      IP-MTU :  9198


Can this affect the users in a way to disconnect them in any way?


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Re: Recieved frags in BA session

We are experiencing the same logged messages after upgrading to I've not noticed any related issues but do not recall seeing these in previous logs.

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