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Regulatory Domain quetsion

I recently saw on some other partner deployment which fo rsome reason i dont know they put ont he Regulatory domain put our country code and he unchecked all the things from the 5ghz Channels..

Well i though if it like this then i should not be able to connect to the 5ghz but im able.. but then i saw that on the SSID it was allowed...


I know the regulatory domain tells you the available channels.. in this case they should not be available... and i was still connecting on some channel of the 5ghz .... when its all unchecked on the regulatory domain...


can nayone explian me this more clearly? or is it a bug?

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Alternetworks Corp

Re: Regulatory Domain quetsion



- Are you sure using the same Regulatory Domain profile for the ap-group u checking?

-Please read the following POST - it's seems something very similer to what you writing about:



Tell me you opion.



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Re: Regulatory Domain quetsion

Yes i am ;P


Ill try to reboot the APS to see if they are on the funky state the other user said... hahhaha

It just that it should not work this way... the thing is that so far its good with the client because he is using the 5ghz channel but in the configuration on the ap regulatory domain it says that he cannot use any channel of the 5ghz...

at the end its working like it should but is not configured properly... or maybe im understanding something wrong and thats why im asking here :)  it could be a weird bug also.. i think he has a old version of  5 not exactly sure which one he has...


Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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