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Remote AP migration from 6.5 to 8.4

I had to migrate an AOS6.5 environment to AOS8.4. The environment contains multiple campus APs and remote APs. To ease the migration I exported and imported the whitelist-db from 6.5 to 8.4. This works perfect for the campus APs, but not for the remote APs.


The Cluster-InnerIP value isn't populated when importing the whitelist-db. I had to add all the entries manually. You can read more about the problem in my blog post: 


Migrate RAP from AOS 6.x to AOS 8.x


Does anyone know if there is another way to "import" the whitelist for remote APs?


@rene_booches | AMFX #26, ACMX #438, ACCX #725, ACDX #760, CCNP R&S, CEH | Co-owner/Solution Specialist@4IP / blog owner@booches.nl
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