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Remote Site Advice

I have a remote site that has 3-5 "regular" users and up to 10 total. Currently this remote site connects here over Cisco site-to-site VPN and I have an access point (non-Aruba and non-authenticated access) just to provide some wireless access.


I would like to replace this solution with some form of Aruba remote access, so that the wireless is authenticated.


I have the following things at that site that need to talk back to the main campus:

3 PCs

1 time clock

1 alarm system


I currently tunnel all traffic and plan to do so in the future. I also would like to have the possibility of adding a second AP to the site, as there is a "performance" area there that I may want to add wireless access to.





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Re: Remote Site Advice

A RAP-5wn could be perfect for this installation and you could add the second AP as a configured port on the RAP unit to be in your AP vlan.  Plus you could invest in getting a USB Modem, connecting it to the RAP unit and using it as a failover incase your internet connection goes down.


Good Luck to you!