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Remove Port-channel member

Hey there. A while back we purchased a 7240 and a coworker configured its six interfaces as a single port-channel with LACP. Now my coworker (who was quite Aruba proficient) is no longer working here and I am trying to remove four of the members of the port-channel and make them 10 Gig and leave the remaining two on the existing port channel as redundancy. I am having a hard time trying to remove the four interfaces (0/0/2-0/0/5). Since those interfaces are controlled by LACP I am not finding a way to remove the members without getting errors that the interfaces are controlled by LACP. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks! 

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Re: Remove Port-channel member

(BOSTON-7010) #configure t
(BOSTON-7010) (config) #interface gigabitethernet 0/0/14
(BOSTON-7010) (config-if)#no lacp group

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