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Report definition for downed controllers

Running 7.3.9, a master console and 15 AMPs with about 300+ controllers. I'm trying to build a report definition that will spit out a list of controllers that are down. We have a number of sites with their own folders. Each site has 2 groups, one for controllers and the other for APs.

We can't quite seem to come up with the right custom option and filter to get something usable. Any thoughts?


Re: Report definition for downed controllers

I don't currently have a 7.3.9 AMP, but to get you a quicker response:


On AMP 7.6.1, Reports -> Device Uptime report

Filter by device type -> select controllers, this includes master/standalone, local, standby, and virtual controllers

Choose the option to 'include details about every device'

Then enable the setting 'limit to devices with downtime' - this flag only affects data displayed in a table, not graphs

You can set your report start and end time to a smaller window, I gave it a 10 minute window


device uptime.jpg


Alternatively, you can choose the 'custom report' and only add the 'device uptime' -> 'uptime by device' portion.


This report may or may not have been available in 7.3.9, but it's definitely there for 7.6.1 (7.6.2 to be released next week).

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Report definition for downed controllers

Thanks Rob, This was close enough to 7.3 to get me there.


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