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Report help - types of clients


I played around with this for a little over an hour, but never got a report with any useful information, so any help is greatly appreciated.


What I'm trying to do is pull a report on the types of devices that are connecting to a specific controller.  We have local controllers in each branch office,  so  I'm mostly trying to locate our offices with heavy Apple device users so that I justify deploying additional access points.


I played around with the Client session reports, filtering on the controller device (did by name and also by MAC), but the best I could get was a report that says:


AP/Device:  Office-620

Clients:  16

Max Clients: 9

Total Data (MB): 697.53

Avg Usage (Kbps): 64.58


Most of the other reports just came back as blank.


I've tried the "canned" reports as well as custom and the above is the best information I could get....which isn't helpful at all.


So, what am I doing wrong ;)






Re: Report help - types of clients

Try this:


Go to controller's monitor page (listing the APs connected to that controller)

Select the 'modify devices' above the list table

'Select all' from the bottom of the table

Run report

Either choose 'client session' or 'custom' report type (if custom, expand options under client session report)

Choose session data by 'device type' (other good bits are by OS, manufacturer, and model)

- I recommend doing a once over with all the options selected, then you can pick and choose which are useful to you.  The above are just what I image would fit your objective

- Once you've got the right pieces, you can do the same steps and then set it to repeat using the report scheduling portion in the report definition

*Note* - from the method I chose to select devices for reporting, the above report would be excluding clients directly connected to the controller by-passing APs (if there are any)

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Report help - types of clients

Thank you!  I had a feeling I might need to filter by controller and/or AP(s), but wasn't having any luck.


I didn't know I could run reports from the device pages, so that is a major teaching point and I am appreciative of the knowledge!


Up until the canned reports or simple custom reports have been good enough (users by SSID, etc), so this was my first time getting office specific information.

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