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Restrict Password Reset from Console Port

Cisco LAN/WAN devices have a way to disable password resets from the console port.  "no service-password recovery"  Is there a similar feature on Aruba AOS devices?  


My company is in the construction business and at times we may have hardware in areas that we do not have physical control of.  We typically have to by a cabinet with a lock and key for ares like this and run NAC on our access ports.  I want to move to Branch controllers and if we had a way to prevent password resets on the console ports our security feels we may be able to avoid cabinet purchases.  If it does not exist today I want to put in a feature request.  anyone know of any ways to help secure the console port?

Re: Restrict Password Reset from Console Port

I brought this to the attention of our security team, and they are discussing now how to implement such a requirement. There seem to be already similar features in planning for the upcoming release, they are now looking how to change/prioritize them to make this happen.


Please contact your partner, or if you are a partner contact your local HPE Aruba SE to file or track an RFE for that. In that way, we can share more information about the planning and progress of this feature.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Restrict Password Reset from Console Port

I submitted a feature enhancement myself when I posted this.  Thank you for the reply. If anyone would like to vote for the feature enhancement here is the link.



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