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Retried Frames

What is the primary cause of retried frames?  We see this more often with lower quality wifi cards in clients, the dropped frames are all well less than 1%, but in some situations we see a higher retry rate.  Now all the machines in question have 802.11g cards.


We see a higher retry from the client then to the client.  We are only seeing this on the 2.4 band and not 5.


Is this just a combination of contention/poor wifi adapters?  It does not appear to cause major issues with the users in question.




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Re: Retried Frames

Since that wifi is a shared mechanism, there is always going to be retries.  You normally do not like to see retries susained over 20%.  If you have a great deal of congestion in a high density evironment, this could go even higher.


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Re: Retried Frames

Its never sustained... and mostly happens when you have 10-15 clients turn on their machines at the same time (class changes).


I was just curious if it should be something to worry about, or its just nature of the beast - that is wifi...

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