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Role Based Access for Guests WiFi with Captive Portal on Aruba Central

Hi All,

my question is:

is there a possibility to give role based access to the internet based on telephone number which is used to registration ?

I need to give in easy way different bandwidth parameters for VIP guest and normal Clients. When I am creating Role Assignment Rules I see a lot of options at Attribute list, but I couldn't find any documentation which will tell me how they work.

I thought that, when I create the guest user manually (from the Guest Access panel - Visitors - New Account) and type some Name in the field Name I can catch him by using this parameter Name in Role Assignment Rule and Attribute User-Name, but it didn't work.

Catching users by theirs mac-address is not an elegant way in my case.


One more thing, when someone connect to AP, for example mobile phone. It gets different Username, each time it reconnects to the AP. I don't understand how the Username attribute is created and how to assign it permanently.


Thank You

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