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S2500 Mobility Switch with EqualLogic PS6110 problem

We've got a Dell EqualLogic iSCSI PS6110XV attached via 10GbE DAC to a stack of three S2500 Mobility Switches.  The primary use for the SAN is storage for three vSphere 5.5 hosts.  We've been having sporadic problems where all iSCSI traffic gets reset.  A packet trace makes it appear to be a large amount of retransmits happening.  Reseating the network cable to the active SAN NIC clears up the problem for a few days.


All settings from the VMware/EqualLogic Best Practices guide have been set and double checked.  Dell support is now pointing the finger at the Aruba switches.  Per Dell recommendations, spanning tree has been disabled and flow control set to on...though it appears regardless of the flow control setting the 10GbE ports on the S2500's don't appear to activate flow control.  Not sure if that's by design or not?


I was curious if anyone here has EqualLogic running successfully with Aruba switches?

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Re: S2500 Mobility Switch with EqualLogic PS6110 problem


Are you expecting S2500 to "send-out" PAUSE-frames ?

Mobility Switch  does NOT  support Sending flow control frames.

Whereas it can only respond to PAUSE frames and cannot generate them.


If not, can you re-frame your question to help understand the traffic-flow





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Re: S2500 Mobility Switch with EqualLogic PS6110 problem

I am aware that it can only receive the pause frames.  I believe that is all that is required.  The pdf I've attached is the reference guide for EqualLogic with Cisco switches.  In that guide it appears they only configure receive flow control?


I've validated the settings on the VMware hosts and the SAN are configured correctly per Dell's recommendations.  Since they have no tested configuration for Aruba switches I'm trying to figure out what settings I need to make.  I know flow control is one of them.  I'm not a Cisco switch person...if anyone could translate the Cisco commands in the attached pdf to the corresponding ArubaOS commands I'd be very grateful.  :-)



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