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S2500 will not load

S2500POE will not boot into AOS. LCD stuck on "Aruba" in LCD, no buttons accessible either.  The switch is in a stack.  Have removed it from the config and it still will not come up.


Re: S2500 will not load

I recommend opening up a TAC case.

Out of curiosity, when it was removed from the stack, did you get anything from the console?

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Re: S2500 will not load

It was removed from the stack this morning and it never changed.  The console is just stuck at the "Aruba" screen that comes before "booting into...".  The buttons will not allow me to go into the menu at all.



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Re: S2500 will not load

Did you change in the console properties? (Using putty or Hyper Terminal) Make sure under Flow Control select "None"




If you keep the configuration on hardware you are going to get the error below which I assume is the " ARUBA" screen..




After you change the configuration you will see the regular menu..






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