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SSID down

I have a customer who has reported that for a period of around an hour their devices were unable to connect to an SSID - they were unable to say if the SSID was being broadcast at the time as no one technical was available to troubleshoot.

Running the show ap bss-table command on the controllers shows that the SSID  has a time under the TOT-T column that equates to when it started working again (hours). The other SSIDs on the same APs have a much longer time next to them (days).

They have Airwave and the radio errors graph for one of the APs show a gap at around 18:00 which was the time reported as the fault occuring (see attachment).

The log on the controller doesn't show anything unusual around this period and I am wondering if Airwave could supply any more info in this regard. I've not used Airwave enough to be certain here - any suggestion to interrogate Airwave for why the SSID may have been down?

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Re: SSID down

I made an error when checking things out it looks like all SSIDs went down on the APs so I'm going to investigate this further - the AP has remained up though.

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Re: SSID down



Is this a controller based setup? Could something have prevented the communication between the APs and the controller during this time? Perhaps a WAN link or a firewall in between?



Christoffer Jacobsson | Aranya AB
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Re: SSID down

Hi Christoffer, yes I've told the customer to investigate a simple connectivity issue. I'd originally thought it was only a single SSID but with so many APs and SSIDs I'd made a mistake and wasn't sure what the cause might be.

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