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Re: Server 2008 NPS Radius Timeouts..

Hi - No, we don't get user account lockout, just local controllers flipping back and forth between NPS servers when the 3x10 timeout is reached. Supposedly the high timeout counter issue is resolved in 6.4, we are running I was informed yesterday that Microsoft want to make some more tests. So, not out of the woods yet. It gets quite frustrating that as technically I am a user of an Aruba product, I am having to act as a mediator for Aruba and Microsoft when really I think the two companies should just be working together rather than letting the customer undertake all the work to resolve their issue.

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Re: Server 2008 NPS Radius Timeouts..

Has there been any update to this? I just came into this issue with a customer that deployed a local controller (7010) into an exsiting master-local architecture. The other controllers (3600's) never had an issue with the NPS that was deployed on Server 2012. It wasn't until users at the new location with the 7010 were there any authentication request time outs. 


If anyone has any insight, I would appreciate it. Thanks!!



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Re: Server 2008 NPS Radius Timeouts..

Any updates on this topic as we are seeing this as well with NPS running on Windows Server 2008.

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Re: Server 2008 NPS Radius Timeouts..

The user in the post before deployed a controller with much more capacity than the first, so it is possible that his radius server is overburdened; either the cpu, the storage or the network.  If you have timeouts, you can assume the same.  Please open a case so that they can look into your specific situation to make sure there is nothing configured on the Aruba controller that would make this worse..  There is no magic bullet to deal with server timeouts.

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