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Session close logging

We configured logging on a session rule and succesfully have new hits logged to syslog, e.g.

authmgr[1908]: <124006> <WARN> <ARUBA>  {20416} TCP srcip= srcport=1092 dstip= dstport=8020, action=permit, role=authenticated, policy=auth-acl


Is there a possibility to log a session close aswell? Especially interested in the TCP RST/FIN/Timeout messages as you would have on other firewalls. If a log total of incoming/outgoing bytes/packets would be possible, please share aswell :-)


Re: Session close logging

there is no way to log the tcp flags or final timeout of a connection etc. As for bytes/packets etc., at a per flow level that requires something like openFlow which we currently do not have. For now, you may have to resort to inline passive solutions to achieve the same functionality.




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