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Setting up High Availability:Fast Failover in locally-bridged mode

Hi Everyone, 

First off, I really appreciate all of the help from this community.  I haven't asked a lot of questions, but I've found a lot of answers here.


I'm just reading up on setting up High Availability:Fast Failover and am noticing that it does not work in locally-bridged mode (according to the link).  For a client of mine, the idea was to have one controller at each of their two data centers in an HA:FF configuration and then set the APs at their respective offices to do local drop-off...doesn't look like that's going to work out.  As far as I know, if you're not doing HA:FF, the HA model is VRRP, which wouldn't work across L3 boundaries.  How would I go about configuring HA between two controllers on separate layer 3 segments and then still be able to configure the APs at a third location (their office) to do local drop off?




Re: Setting up High Availability:Fast Failover in locally-bridged mode

Outside of HA:FF, you have two options for redundancy.  The first is using VRRP as the primary LMS in the AP System profile.  As you pointed out, this only works on the same L2 network.   The second choice for dealing with L3 is configuring a primary LMS and a backup LMS IP in the AP System profile.  This will provide failover to two controllers on different L3 networks/locations.   In either configuration, your bridged APs can failover just fine.


You mention a "third" location in your original post.  I am not sure I follow your goal.   Did you want to configure failover for 3 different controllers?

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Re: Setting up High Availability:Fast Failover in locally-bridged mode

Thanks clembo.


By the third location I just meant that the APs were in a geographically separate location from either controller.  3 total locations: 2 each with 1 controller and a third with the APs.  Looks like we'll end up doing Primary/Backup LMS configuration.  Does anyone know why HA:FF doesn't support local drop-off? I would guess it has something to do with control plane security but I have no idea.

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