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Show Inventory - HW MAC Addr

In my network configuration management software I am seeing frequent changes to the "HW MAC Addr" line when the show invetory command is run. I see some strange values here as well, sometimes they are not even valid mac addresses.


-# HW MAC Addr                  : 00:0b:86:b7:25:cf to 00:0b:86:b7:25:161
+# HW MAC Addr                  : 00:0b:86:b7:25:cf to 00:0b:86:b7:25:ce


What does the HW MAC Addr line in show inventory represent? Why is it changing?


#show version
Aruba Operating System Software.
ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba7205-US), Version



#show inventory

Supervisor Card slot : 0
System Serial# : 
CPU Card Serial# : 
CPU Card Assembly# : 
CPU Card Revision : 
Interface Card Serial# : 
Interface Card Assembly# : 
SC Model# : Aruba7205-US
HW MAC Addr : 00:0b:86:b7:60:1f to 00:0b:86:b7:60:f0

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