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Re: Single VLAN architecture without Mobility Controller

You will have RF issues, because each cluster will see the other cluster as interferring and will not coordinate channels or power.  Each cluster also must have a separate VLAN, so your administrative costs will increase for deployment as well as ongoing upkeep  That will start you off on

poor footing on both the client side and the administrative side.  With everything that can go wrong inadvertently with wireless, you do not want to start introducing things that will make it underperform or harder to manage.


Long story short, planning for a /21 with underpowered access points and incorrect client counts is a recipe for failure.  I would start with the  numbers of employees that will be at a location, the exact square footage at the location and what applications the people will be using.  Forgetting "devices" which seems to be very inflated, we can start coming up with a reasonable plan for this location, as opposed to trying to design to a very inaccurate number.  Very few establishments run a /21 that are not higher education with large concentrations of users.  6000 clients is not practical for the single floor of an organization.



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Re: Single VLAN architecture without Mobility Controller

Thank you for your advise. I will channel these informations to the client and the sales team.

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