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Skin not configurable

Hi, I am trying to change my company logo but the skin says it is not Configurable. I am logged in with the main admin login. How can I change this?


Re: Skin not configurable

What skin are you trying to edit?  Was it a custom skin created by Aruba?  If so, contact support.    They should be able to make an edit and update the skin for you to reinstall.



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Re: Skin not configurable

It would be helpful if you state which product you are refering to?

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Re: Skin not configurable

Hi, we are using the Amigopod AMG-SW-50 with Aruba Amigopod OS release 3.7. The skin is a custom skin created by Aruba and since the device is not in support (we are phasing it out over the next 12 months), we need to find a way to either change the skin they have provided or create a new one with our new logo.

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Re: Skin not configurable

couldnt you try to modify one of the other skins? probably the aruba provided one is locked.

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Re: Skin not configurable

lloyds, is this case really solved by the post from boneyard?


Anyways.. Basically this is the rundown for skins in Amigopod / ClearPass Guest


You buy a skin/design that is a "rip" of the current design of your chosen webpage. Ususally it's your company webpage. This rip is done by Aruba Professional Services, and is delivered to you as a Plugin in Amigopod and a Software update in ClearPass - in both cases it's connected to your subscription-ID. No manual install needed, but if you ever need to to a complete re-install you will have to have an active subscription - or a recent backup of-course.


If your company changes their entire profile and you need this reflected on your Amigopod/ClearPass skin you have to contact Aruba TAC to get them to update the skin. As far as my experience go this is free of charge as long as you have an active ArubaCare for Amigopod/CP, but I might be wrong here..


These Aruba created Skins are just partly customizable - usually just the header/footer/aside sections. But - you can input your own style tages in the header html to change various elements.


This code will hide the logo element in my skin:



html body#page.page div.outer_wrap div.wrapper header#header div#headerbar.grid-block h2 a img
    display: none;


Note!! You need the literal tags to be able to use the brackets - since those are reserved for Smarty-code.



If you want to create a complete version of a skin yourself, then use the the Custom Skin 1 or 2. These can be fully configured using your own stylesheets, html code, graphics etc. Just upload the elements in the "Content Manager" and these elements can be used in your custom style.

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Re: Skin not configurable


i didnt find any location or way to upload or modify HTML code of custom skins.

I know we can upload files from content manager and also change few CSS code for skins , but how to configure clear pass to use new HTML file or code which i have created once we select custom skin to be used in captive portal settings in guest web login page.


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