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Some APs could not connect to controller

Hi everybody,

I have a few APs 105 who couldn't connect to dhcp server, and to controller.

All APs are sitting in the same network as a controller.

I noticed that correctly registered APs has lldp description:

System description  : "ArubaOS (MODEL: 103), Version Aruba AP"


Problem APs have another description, and IPv6 address already:

System description  : "ArubaOS (MODEL: 103), Version (41762)"

Management address (IPv6): fe80::6bd:88ff:fec8:c09c


I have no local access now.

But will factory reset help in my case, or I need to access to IPv6 address and then try to reconfigure them?

Can I conclude that these APs have Instand APs firmware?



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Re: Some APs could not connect to controller

You need to physically check to see if the part number is an instant part number before proceeding..

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Re: Some APs could not connect to controller

Factory resetting the problematic APs can't hurt. If they don't get an IP via DHCP, what could be is that a management VLAN has been configured in the past and the AP is trying to get an IP on that VLAN. No need to configure IPv6 addresses. Also on you switch check that on all ports the management or AP vlan is untagged configured on that port.


Also, you mention AP-105, and show banners of AP-103. What is it?



Also, as Joseph mentioned, find the exact model and if all are IAP on the label attached to the AP.



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