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Some new features in AMP reporting I would like to see

With the introduction of AOS 6.2+, the controller now can threshold on the following information:

  controlpath-cpu <percentage>
  controlpath-memory <percentage>  
  datapath-cpu <percentage>
  no-of-APs <percentage>
  no-of-locals <percentage>
  total-tunnel-capacity <percentage>
  user-capacity <percentage>

The controller can then send (if enabled) the following SNMP Trap. wlsxThresholdExceeded to either Airwave or some other system at which point you can be alerted.


I would like to have Airwave be able to produce a report which shows the percentage of a controller’s total capacity to add AP’s that is currently in use. It would look similar to the current license report. The same logic can be applied to user-capacity, tunnel, etc.


The purpose of this is to account for growth and whether a newer controller would be required.


The other reporting addition I would like to see is:


For managed service providers, like me, have the device uptime report work off of an SLA which is configurable.

Details are as follows:


  1. Have Airwave be able to do the following based on customizable uptime SLA levels:
    1. Have a field called “met/not met"
  1. Color the text green/yellow/red based on customizable thresholds

Therefore when you get your report with the percentage uptime, based on the SLA levels, that row would either be green, yellow or red.


if anyone is interested, show your interest by promoting this enhancement request.






Pasquale Monardo | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
ACDX #420 | ACCA
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Re: Some new features in AMP reporting I would like to see

Nice idea, promoted it

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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