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Spacing between multiple dual band AP-ANT-19



I´ve been reading so many different posts on other forums about which spacing to use between single band antennas and dual band antennas and most of them contradicts eachother. I couldn´t seem to find such thread on Airheads so I figured it´s time we straighten this out.


Lets say we buy an AP-214 and 3x AP-ANT-19 as an example. In the hardware installation guides there´s detailed info on how to mount one antenna, but what are the rules to follow when mounting two or three of them for the same AP?


I know that there´s a minimum distance that should be avoided and the antennas are not to placed so far from eachother that they have different coverage areas. Are there any official minimum/maximum distances here?


The biggest question is the one concerning distances in relation to wavelenghts. I´ve read some saying that you should have the antennas as close to multiples of the wavelenghts as possible and I´ve read people saying to use anything else but multiples of the wavelength! Which is true? When using dual band antennas we have two different wavelengths to pay attention to, 2,4ghz (~12.5cm) and 5ghz (~6cm). Asuming we mount the three AP-ANT-19 in a straight line, what distances do we optimally use?


Thanks in advance :)



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