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Spectrum Analyzer Documentation



I need to start using Spectrum analyzer and need to have answer to the following questions:


Best practice does we have any document for Best practice, I mean some guide to configure this??

Need to know how to setup the spectrum analyzer in the 802.11n AP?? ( Almost the same as the 1st question)


How does the licenses are activated, based on quantity of APs? Per controllers?  

If I install the license on a master controller, does this Spectrum Analyzer can go and see all the AP groups in the master and also the AP groups created in the local controllers?

How many APs are suggested to be deployed for Spectrum analyzer in Convention Areas where we have full line of sight between the AP and users? Is this per area dimention? or per tranfer rate to do the sizing for APs with Spectrum analyzer?


Does this saves historicall date, and how much time does this is stored?

How much does the performance of the controller by impacted for a big controller deployment, I mean master controller /backup controller ( does the backup needs a dedicated license?)

I already read the documents in the partner website and I found informatoin about the module license but those are just a few documents.


Does the module support to send email notifications or snmp notifications to be paged when we have interference based in the tresholds configured? I mean I want to have automatic reports when interference is happening and know the AP name where this is happening, is this possible?


If we support this automatic reports how do I create them?

The document for Spectrum Analyzer says: The AP perform spectrum analysis and wireless security scanning simultaneously.

so, this mean that the AP will perform spectrum analysis I got that point, but for wireless security we need WIP license right? or this means that the scanning is active as we have in any controller where we are able to detect rogues APs and interference users but we cant do contention without the WIP license? Is that what they mean in the document?


Also for this do I need to create an Air Monitor group and assign the AP 802.11n to this spectrum analyzer featute?

If the Spectrum Analyzer works as an AP so we can support users , right? how many users can we support and hoe the performance goes for this users?

So maybe it is not recomended to have users connected to this Spectrum analyzer APs?


I need those are a lot of questions but please try to help me with some of them , if you can answer all I will be more than happy or if you know some SE I can call I also would be glad to ask all this questions to the SE (Senior Engineer).


Thank you very much.


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Re: Spectrum Analyzer Documentation

Here is the VRD, which will guide you step by step to configure spectrum analyzer and should answer almost all your questions.



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Re: Spectrum Analyzer Documentation

Really appreciate it, I'm going forward to read the documentacion in the link.

Thank you!!!!


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Re: Spectrum Analyzer Documentation

Is there an updated link/version of this document?

I'm getting Page Not Found.




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Re: Spectrum Analyzer Documentation

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Re: Spectrum Analyzer Documentation

Perfect, thanks.

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