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Subject: ArubaStack can eliminate basic aggregator



Stacking on Aruba's mobility switches is unique compared to the other solutions out there because in addition to all the traditional benefits of stacking, users can setup a very cost effective ring design and eliminate dedicated core switches. We were recently awarded a unified wired and wireless prject with Clevedon School here in the United Kingdom to support 1 to 1 iPad usage amongst students and staff. (follow the project here http://iclevedon.wordpress.com/) . 

This Innovation in wired network design allowed us to remove dedicated core switches and use 10Gb rings around edge switches saving the customer almost £30K !!

 The attached diagram highlights  3 x 10G rings, which leverages the existing fiber runs that were already in place and initially based on a star wired centre to end layout, which we repurposed and introduced the S2500 mobility switches. It's basically like we built any other stack, except that we can put the switches in the locations they need to be without adding another switch to account for the building layout. The fibre runs were based on OM3 MM fibre links.


 If you're curious, the wireless LAN component of the network is using Aruba APs 135 and  3600 controllers.

 Anyone else out there doing this?? Share your story here, if you have been able to eliminate buying additional switches by leveraging a similar ring design!

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