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Troubleshooting AP upstream connectivity issue

I'm having what appears to be some connectivity issues with some of my APs between them and the controller.  I could have sworn at one point I came across a cheat sheet for troubleshooting these kinds of issues, but I can't find it now.  Does anyone have a good set of commands they'd be willing to share?


(As background, it appears to be only happenning on APs connected through Juniper EX4300 switches, so I want to gather up more data before I decide which vendor to start a support case with.)

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Re: Troubleshooting AP upstream connectivity issue

No cheat sheet, but what I do with our APs on Juniper EX3300 switches:


1) monitor aruba syslogs for APs that are down, reboot, or bootstrap, to identify specific APs


2) on the local controller supporting a suspect AP,  on the GUI look under Diagnostics -> Access Point -> System Status -> <ap_name> , or on CLI:  

show ap debug system-status ap-name "<ap_name>", and look at bootstrap data and missed heartbeats, CPU and Memory Usage, 

Interface counters/information, etc. 


3) On the switch servicing the AP, check the interface extended stats:


sw-ex3300-1> show interfaces extensive ge-2/0/40 


Look for Input errors; Output errors; Queue Dropped packets, Autonegotiation Link partner values, MAC stats, etc. for any anomalies.



Depending on what I find and where, I'll look for common issues and start the conversation with our wire techs, Juniper TAC, or Aruba TAC.






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Re: Troubleshooting AP upstream connectivity issue

Thanks, that's at least a start!

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