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Troubleshooting Apple Devices Losing Wireless Connectivity

I would really appreciate some advice on troubleshooting an issue that has been going on for quite a long time (6-12 months). Unfortunately, this equipment is no longer under maintenance and therefore I can't use Aruba Support.

This environment is running a 620 controller ( with 4x AP-105's. This is a local controller. The master is offiste and is also a 620 running the same code.

The issue is that for months the same user is reporting that multiple devices (iPads and Macbook) are losing connectivity. Not internet connectivity but their device is dropping from the wireless. The iPad's pop-up & ask which network they would like to connect to. The Macbook just pops up & says that it has no connectivity. Currently we're running Band Steering & its set to prefer 5GHz. I'm considering disabling band steering all together since this is a large residence and 5GHz isn't really necessary. I appreciate the help.

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