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Two Controllers

our controller is running out the number of ap it can support hence we will need to purchase a 2nd controller. Other than increased number of ap it can support is there any other advantages of having 2 controller?

Re: Two Controllers

It all depends how you will use the 2nd controller and what model you purchase.


Direct advantages are

  • Redundancy (Master-Local for example)
  • Load balancing of APs between the two controllers

You can read through the following VRD to give you some insight



What are you running with now?

Pasquale Monardo | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
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Re: Two Controllers


It really depends on the need of your campus and the amount of APs you are currenlty managing and the future growth , here's some examples :


- To balance APs between the two that way your traffic doens't go to just one controller and also if one fails not every AP will be impacted.


- Also if you need to perform maintenance on one of the controller you could move the APs over to the other one while you make changes


- If you have enough licenses on each controller you can have those serve has active-backup/active-backup 


Hopes this helps

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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