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Upgrade after advisory problems 802.1x

Hi I have upgraded 2 x 6000 controllers to after the certificate advisory. All ok apart from one user role uing 802.1x with temination on the controller. XP and win 7 laptops not authenticating, tried unchecking use server certificate and some work most dont. Any ideas ?? All other devices, tabs/mobiles work fine.



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Re: Upgrade after advisory problems 802.1x

If you delete the wireless profile from the client, is it able to connect
after entering credentials again?

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Re: Upgrade after advisory problems 802.1x

Hi, not in most cases, I have used my laptop (win 7), not on their domain, and a user from the company can log in and authenticate no problem. However this is with use server cert unchecked, I dont know if it is an issue with the self signed cert or a user profile problem. 


The 802.1x profile in question is using local termination, if I uncheck this and save it and then go back it is checked again.




Re: Upgrade after advisory problems 802.1x

Hello did you check that it really changed the certificate?

In some controllers this didnt work.. for example on A200 it didnt work... on was the fix...


Check please if it changed the certificate sucessuflly


You can read how you check that here


And also you can read that the didnt fix on for example a A200




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Re: Upgrade after advisory problems 802.1x

Can you please enable the user-debug and paste show auttrace-buf mac <mac address of the client> output.


To enable user-debug


logging level debugging user-debug <mac address of the client>

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Re: Upgrade after advisory problems 802.1x

hi stunshot, 


is it M3 in the chassis?


By the way, did the issue get resolved. 

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Re: Upgrade after advisory problems 802.1x





is it happening on the windows7 stations because the CA that issued the certificate has changed?


if the CA thats issuing the certificate is the same, that is iff its my trusted internal CA issues the certificates. So, the each time the certificate expire, i can keep renewing the certificate. and that would be transparent for the clients, correct?



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