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Upgrade of 6000 controller to


    I am trying to upgrade a 6000 series with a single M3 from AOS to using the GUI but it is showing an error something like "not supported on this platform". the file I am trying to upload is - ArubaOS_MMC_6.1.3.8_38170.

Any reason why this might not be working?

Re: Upgrade of 6000 controller to

A. Try to download the image file agian - it might be broken file

B. Before upgrading clear old unneeded files/backups from the controller

C. Try to upgrade using TFTP



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Re: Upgrade of 6000 controller to

This was overcome by placing the file closer to the device rather than across a VPN. Not sure the exact cause of failure but managed to work around the issue.

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Re: Upgrade of 6000 controller to

Any issues after the upgrade?

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