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Upgraded from non-FIPS to FIPS - Locked out

I upgraded a 3200 controller from non-FIPS to FIPS


Following the reboot, the switch is no longer on the network, I have console access to the switch, but needed to "forget" the password in order to login.  I'm unable to change the password using the "mgmt-user admin root" command as it tells me I'm not compliant with the password policy.  I also cant issue any show commands:


It appears the device has been reset to factory.  How can I recover?

(Aruba3200-US) (config) #mgmt-user admin root
Re-Type password:*********

Error : Non-Compliant to Mgmt Password Policy
        Internal error occurred, Password validation failed

(Aruba3200-US) (config) #show version
You do not have permission to execute this show command show version


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Re: Upgraded from non-FIPS to FIPS - Locked out

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