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Upgrading AP-225 from Controller

Hi there,


So - I have a 3200XM Controller, and an AP-225 AP.  A few months ago, I was trying to get them set up - and was able to get the image installed on both the controller, and the AP -  Unfortunately, I didn't have any licenses, and when I got the licenses in, I realized that I didn't remember the ip address to access it.  


So - I restored the controller to factory defaults, and installed a new OS image - it currently has


However, I've been unable to connect the AP; it keeps rebooting, endlessly.  It has two partitions - one without a valid image, and one with


Should it be able to download the OS image from the controller, and I'm doing something wrong?  Or do I manually need to set up a tftp, or something similar, and run a command to upgrade the AP to an image matching that on the controller?


Is a good image for this, or is there a more recent/stable image that would be better for me to use?




-Jason Smith









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Re: Upgrading AP-225 from Controller

What you should do is connect a cable to the console port on the AP to see what is happening.  The AP could have a static ip address that does not allow it to connect to the controller..., OR maybe you're not providing it dhcp...  It would become clearer if you connect a console cable to the AP to see what could be wrong...

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