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Upgrading Controller w/o Outage

Looking for some feedback/suggestions for upgrading a controller pair (master/local) in order to keep wifi available during the upgrade. This is my thinking:


We are running HA, all APs are on the Local. Upload new firmware on both master and local, and enable AP image preload. Preload all of the APs, and then upgrade the master. Once the master is back up, then start performing "ap-move" on 10-20 APs at a time until all APs are moved to the master and have upgraded their code. Then upgrade Local and use "ap-move" again on a couple APs to verify they move successfully. Then move the rest 20-30 at a time to ensure we don't lose any.



Michael Haring
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Re: Upgrading Controller w/o Outage

That's exactly how we do it for our 500+ AP's Primary / HA WLCs

We do it department by department and we try not to take entire areas offline by not doing, for example, all APs on an switch at once. Its painstakingly slow, but we try to leave some APs up to cover the areas (although the coverage might be stretched a bit) during the AP upgrade process

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