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Upgrading firmware

Where can i see the bugs in the new firmware version and these are the bugs which are fixed in the new firmware version?

these bugs exist, if we do not upgrade to a newer version?

If there is no database how will i track this?

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Re: Upgrading firmware



Great question!


If you are looking for "known bugs" in a certain code version or to see if a bug is fixed in a certain version. You should look at the release notes. In there, there are two tables "resolved issues" and "known issues"


Deciding wether to upgrade to a knew code you really have to make a choice if the "resolved issues" outlined in the release notes out weight the impact of the "known issues" in the document.


New code is released to patch bugs and improve the system which is why i tend to upgrade to the latest code ASAP, but that is a personal preference. 


Certain/most codes undergo thorough testing and if they pass aruba "test procedure" they will be marked as a conservative release. It is always reccomended to go to the latest conservative release which you can find on the aruba support portal under the "conservative release" folder for the product you are looking for.


Any questions please let me know.



Ben Casey
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Re: Upgrading firmware

can you help me as to where can i find the latest conservative release for a controller or switch? may be a link would be helpful?

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Re: Upgrading firmware

You can grab firmwares from asp.arubanetworks.com

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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