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Upgrading to 8.2

I need to update from 6.5 to 8.2 on my Aruba 7000 and 7200 series controllers.  These are used as standalone.  Majority are used for VIA only and do not support any wireless functions.  Yes, I have two that I use for wireless, but won't be updating them right now. I have 14 devices to update. This is what I did to upgrade the first one:


1.  Moved the new code to a test device on partition zero. 


2.  Did a write erase


3.  CTRL X to cpboot.  Set boot partition as zero.  (bootf 0:0)


4.  Booted device, completed initial configuration dialog. 


Enter System name [Aruba7005]:
Enter Switch Role (standalone|md) [md]: standalone
Enter Controller VLAN ID [1]:
Enter Controller VLAN port [GE 0/0/0]:
Enter Controller VLAN port mode (access|trunk) [access]:
Enter VLAN interface IP address []:
Enter VLAN interface subnet mask []:
Enter IP Default gateway [none]:
Do you wish to configure IPV6 address on vlan (yes|no) [yes]: no
This controller is restricted, please enter country code (US|PR|GU|VI|MP|AS|FM|MH) [US]:
You have chosen Country code US for United States (yes|no)?: yes
Enter the controller's IANA Time zone [America/Los_Angeles]: America/New_York
Enter Time in UTC [10:53:53]: 10:54:53
Enter Date (MM/DD/YYYY) [6/6/2019]:
Enter Password for admin login (up to 32 chars): ********
Re-type Password for admin login: ********

Current choices are:

System name: Aruba7005
Switch Role: standalone
Controller VLAN id: 1
Controller VLAN port: GE 0/0/0
Controller VLAN port mode: access
VLAN interface IP address:
VLAN interface subnet mask:
Option to configure VLAN interface IPV6 address: no
Country code: US
IANA Time Zone: America/New_York

If you accept the changes the switch will restart!
Type <ctrl-P> to go back and change answer for any question
Do you wish to accept the changes (yes|no)yes
Creating configuration... Done.

System will now restart!


5.  System booted to 8.2, but I can no loger access the device past the admin password that was set. 


My question is, why isn't the enable password set any longer during the initial configuration dialog and what is it set for if I didn't set it?  Is there is a default enable password? 


I am not worried about configurations, saving them, or using the same configuration after upgrading.  Only on how to acces the device command line after the upgrade.   Thanks. 


I have attached a log of my actions during the update. 



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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

Looks like you are not on ArubaOS 8.2


Aruba Networks
ArubaOS Version (build 68902 / label #68902) 
Built by p4build@pr-hpn-build08 on 2019-01-29 at 21:58:14 UTC (gcc version 4.4.5)
(c) Copyright 2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
ArubaOS 8.5 User Guide
InstantOS 8.5 User Guide
Airheads Knowledgebase
Airheads Video Knowledge Base
Remote Access Point Solution Guide
ArubaOS Consolidated Release Notes
ArubaOS 8 ViA VPN Solution Guide
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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

Nice catch.  I missed that.  Reloaded again, then CTRL X (bootf 0:0), then initial configuration dialog again, but this time, CTRL X again (bootf 0:0).  This time I am up on version 8 but .....


Aruba Networks
ArubaOS Version (build 70165 / label #70165)
Built by p4build@pr-hpn-build06 on 2019-04-20 at 01:26:51 UTC (gcc version 4.4.5)
(c) Copyright 2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.

<<<<< Welcome to Aruba Networks - Aruba A7005-US >>>>>

[12:20:42]:Probing for EEPROM devices [ OK ]
[12:20:42]:Probing for real-time clock [ OK ]
[12:20:42]:Uncompressing core image files [ OK ]
[12:22:03]:Extracting corefs [ OK ]

[12:22:10]:Enabling watchdog [ OK ]
[12:22:10]:Starting device manager

Performing eUSB Flash fast test... [ DONE ]
[ OK ]
[12:22:12]:Mounting flash [ OK ]
[12:22:12]:Initializing 511MB as swap on zRam0 [ OK ]
[12:22:14]:Turning swap ON on zRAM0 [ OK ]
[12:22:14]:Checking system inventory [ OK ]
[12:22:14]:Installing ancillary FS [ OK ]
Performing integrity check on ancillary partition 1 [ FAIL : Ancillary image stored on flash is not for this release]

[12:22:17]:Reboot Cause: User reboot (Intent:cause:register 78:86:0:2c)
[12:22:17]:Starting syslog service [ OK ]
[12:22:18]:Restoring the database [ OK ]
[12:22:34]:Generating SSH keys [ OK ]
[12:22:34]:Initializing TPM and certificates [ OK ]
[12:23:03]:Checking for configuration upgrade [ OK ]
[12:23:04]:rcS Done(149 sec)

[12:23:04]:Starting OS services [ OK ]

Starting FIPS Aruba Cryptographic KAT test
Completed FIPS Aruba Cryptographic KAT test successfully.
Starting auto provisioning
Registered for NTP Sync
Starting OpenSSL FIPS KAT test
Completed OpenSSL FIPS KAT test successfully.
Successfully started XLP FIPS KAT test.
Using port gigabitethernet 0/0/3 for auto provisioning
Initiated DHCP, awaiting DHCP response

Auto-provisioning is in progress. It requires DHCP and Activate servers
Choose one of the following options to override or debug auto-provisioning...
'enable-debug' : Enable auto-provisioning debug logs
'disable-debug' : Disable auto-provisioning debug logs
'mini-setup' : Start mini setup dialog. Provides minimal customization and requires DHCP server
'full-setup' : Start full setup dialog. Provides full customization
'static-activate' : Provides customization for static or PPPOE ip assignment. Uses activate for master information

Enter Option (partial string is acceptable):


And I am now in a loop back to the initial configuration diaglog.  


Next steps?   

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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

Trying this:

cpboot> def_part [0]

. done
Writing NVRAM to Flash... ffffffff8bd04110 ffffffffb6220000

cpboot> saveenv
Saving Environment to Flash...
Un-Protected 1 sectors
Erasing Flash...
. done
Writing to Flash... done
Protected 1 sectors
cpboot> reset


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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

Hard coding the device to boot on partition zero did not work.  I am still in a "configuration dialog" loop.  Fill out the dialog, reload and then I get asked to fill it out again. 

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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

Thanks.  Instructions seem simple enough.  Will do them now and log the process/progress.

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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!! 


User: admin
(Aruba7005) [mynode] #show ver

Aruba Operating System Software.
ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba7005-US), Version
Website: http://www.arubanetworks.com
(c) Copyright 2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.
Compiled on 2019-04-20 at 01:26:51 UTC (build 70165) by p4build

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version CPBoot (build 56554)
Built: 2016-09-22 05:27:47
Built by: p4build@re_client_56554

Switch uptime is 5 minutes 32 seconds
Reboot Cause: User reboot (Intent:cause:register 78:86:0:2c)
Supervisor Card
Processor (XLP208 Rev B1 (Secure Boot) , 500 MHz) with 3797M bytes of memory.
32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
1920M bytes of Supervisor Card system flash.
(Aruba7005) [mynode] #

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Re: Upgrading to 8.2

FIPS mode isn't too bad.  It saves the configuration with a more secure hash and enforces encryption to FIPS values.  Password recovery is different.  If you upgrade from non FIPS to FIPS without a clearing the device you will lock yourself out since the password are encrypted differently.  Once you know the rules its very workable.  


Again, thanks for the help.

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