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Uplink Problems?

I'm hoping I'm just missing something easy with spanning-tree, but here is what I have:

I have 9 Aruba S2500 switches, 6 in the first stack and 3 in the other.  A Palo Alto serving up 5 VLANs to the first Aruba stack (6 switches).  From there I have the other Aruba stack that is connected via 10Gb to the first stack.


On the 10Gb port connecting the 2 stacks I have all VLANs allowed via a trunk and the VLANs are configured the same on both stacks.  On the second stack I can't access the first stack's web UI, and same going from the first stack to the 2nd.  I'm guessing I forgot something stupid, and I hope someone has an idea of what that is.




Re: Uplink Problems?

Can you attach the two configurations and the "tech-support" outputs from both?

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