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Upload backup of a 7010 to a 7030

Hello i read that its possible by doing this

backup the flash of the 7010 and then restoring it on the 7030, i would have to manually config the ports part beause it might be different but thats it.


We got a Centralized licensing so i dont have any licence to install to this new controller before restoring the config.

Will it restore even if it does not have any license?? i mean the whole config? or i need to install demo license?


These would be the steps


1.  Backup flash on controller #1
2.  Copy flashbackup.tar.gz file to controller #2
3.  Restore flash onto controller #2 by typing "restore flash"
4. DO NOT type "write mem"
5.  paste in the licenses for controller#2 (because restore flash restores unusable licenses from controller#1)
6.  DO NOT type "write mem"
7.  Reboot




What i dont have are the license caseu it uses centralized license... what i could do is getting dmeo license...


Any help with this?





Project engineer
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