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VC is not reachable

Good evening Team,

I have installed 7 IAPS and managed by a Virtual controller , its managed by Airwave . Now, I am unable to reach one of  the acess point  and VC in the site . But I am able to ping rest of 6 IAPs IPs with out any issue .
while checking in airwave all the access points and Virtual controller is showing down . Unfortunatly no SSH has configured in the site .

Can anyone help me how to fix this issue . Quck help much appriciated

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Re: VC is not reachable

When you say "SSH is not configured on the site", do you mean SSH is blocked with a firewall?

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Re: VC is not reachable

Are you able to https to the Virtual Controllers IP address? Can you confirm if there has been any configuration pushed down from AirWave which may have removed the Virtual Controller configuration? Can you see all of the IAP's in the same cluster when you access the GUI?

There is quite a few troubleshooting commands which can be run via the GUI if you do not have SSH access. If you access More -> Support it will tell you which IAP is currently the elected Master and has the VC IP. Are you able to access that IAP via the GUI?


I'd start by running a tech-support on the Master IAP, look at the output of show summary and also any information in the logs.


Have you confirmed there is no duplicate ARP entries or similar on the switches for the Virtual Controllers IP address as well?

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Re: VC is not reachable

Nope its not
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Re: VC is not reachable

1. I am unable to access VC through https 
2.I will check for duplicate ARP entries in the switch and will update you(Previously i can , now i couldn't).

Re: VC is not reachable

Ideally what you need to do is get console access to an IAP, as at the moment we're just taking educated guesses as to what the issue possibly is :)

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

Re: VC is not reachable

Check all the switchport configurations the IAPs are plugged into. Make sure they are in the appropriate vlans and such. 

Have we done that?


Sean Rynearson
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