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VLAN Pool Assignment Type only on Master?

I'm trying to shift our setup from the HASH algorithm for VLAN pool distribution over to the EVEN distribution type. We have three controllers (two locals and one master) with all the APs terminating to the locals. (The Master serves only as failover for either local.)


I can make the change on the Master, but the change will not stick on the locals. Is this expected behavior? It does not matter if I use CLI or GUI, same thing happens. It just accepts the command with no response, and no change on the locals. 


Thanks in advance!


Controllers:  Aruba6000-US for all three.


Software: on all three.


Vlan Pool is named and shows in the configs of all three as follows:

vlan-name WirelessPublicPool pool
vlan WirelessPublicPool 220-249


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Re: VLAN Pool Assignment Type only on Master?

Ah never mind. The system answered my question for me. These settings are propagated from the Master to the Locals. But for whatever reason my config updates were being slow today, so it took almost an hour before the adjusted settings showed up on the locals. File away for future reference.

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