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VPNC/Branch controllers routing on ArubaOS 8.1

Hello everyone

I plan to enable ospf on my VPNC controllers to dynamically distribute the remote branch networks throughout ospf.  From my VPNC there is an option to distribute only the routes learnt from remote branches using

router ospf redistribute rapng-vpn 

but looking at the routing table, my VPNC is adding automatically all the branch networks as static to the routing table versus of what I see on the 6.5 version where the master controller is adding the remote branch networks as V - RAPNG VPN/Branch.

On Aruba Solution Exchange, there is solution (Routing Configuration of VPNC Configure static routes or OSPF in the VPNCs) saying:

All the routes advertised by Branch MDs are threated as static route.

Recommend enabling redistribution if routes of Branch MDs need to be learnt by the OSPF network in the data center

First, it seems to be that the behavior has changed between 6.5 and 8.1 but the most important, I don't want to redistribute my mistake a static route form my VPNC for instance the default route or any other I might need to add in future, even with the option to filter

router ospf subnet exclude

due to the unexpected result introducing routes on my ospf database


So the question is, why the VPNC is not adding the remote branch networks as V - RAPNG VPN/Branch to the routing table? is this supposed to happen or is a bug?



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