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VRRP Active/Standby but AP license are in master controller



We have a 2 controllers 7210 and we want to configure active/standby using VRRP. But the AP license are residing only in the Master controller. Can anyone has an idea on how to do the configuration on this. please need an inputs.




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Re: VRRP Active/Standby but AP license are in master controller

On AOS 6.3+, enable centralized licensing.



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Re: VRRP Active/Standby but AP license are in master controller

Hi friend,


Here is how centralised licence will work.


1. When you enable centralised licence on the master, it will start polling to all the local controllers for sharing their licence information, such as, how many consumed and how many available for sharing ( Controller will not include it's factory permanent licence info)




2. Once the information is collected master will keep the info in the licence pool.



3. Any controller will consume licence as per their requirement. master will regularly share the pool information will all the controllers.



4. to achieve all these we don't need to delete or transfer licences even you don't need to take TAC help on this. this process is fully automated.


5. Standby master can work as backup for licence pool


Finally, AP count of any controller defines how many APs can be terminated on that controller and it is no where concern to the centralised license, here 3600 controller suppose to maintain the the pool of 1281 licenses ,not the APs :) therefore don't worry about the AP capacity of the controller.


Hope got clarity on this, please go ahead and configure.




Feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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