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Various client behavior with DHCP/DNS provided autoproxy settings

I struggle with the forum to ask this question, but hope that the wireless/byod community will have the widest client base and therefore experience in this.   Sorry if it seems a little off topic.

My enterprise is switching from WCCP directed proxy access to proxy access directed by an autoproxy config script.   For corporate machines, we have that covered (somewhat) thru various push mechanisms.   We have a fairly large user population of BYO devices that could include IOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.   We put them on the corporate network and treat them differently based on an Aruba onboarding profile.

I want to find the best way to push these BYO devices to the autoproxy script.   I know I can specify that in the Clearpass onboarding profile, but that's going to take a long time (and a lot of work) to get everyone re-onboarded.   

I read that DHCP and DNS can provide autoproxy settings and am wondering if anyone has experience in trouble areas?   I remember hearing that some versions of Android don't like this.  

Any ideas?



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Re: Various client behavior with DHCP/DNS provided autoproxy settings

The real solution for a BYOD proxy server is a transparent proxy.  If you send dhcp options for a proxy, a user's browser would need to be on "auto" for it to even consider using those options.  Unfortunately leaving the browser on "auto" creates delays in a number of browsers if there is no actual proxy, so alot of people turn it off, which would break your proxy options that you send.

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