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VisualRF Heatmap overlay problem

When adding 'planned' devices to a map, I seem to be having a problem with the heatmap function.  After placing an AP on the map, saving, and refreshing, the page the heatmap 'blooms' are not appearing as they should.  I've attached an image.  On other maps (for other floors), the 'heatmap' function is working normally (see image #2).






heatmap problem



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Re: VisualRF Heatmap overlay problem

I've had that happen before.


I was able to get them back by selecting Speed, the re-selecting heatmap

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Re: VisualRF Heatmap overlay problem

Selecting 'Speed' gave me the following, which is closer to what I'd expect as 'normal' but still significantly reduced in size. 



back to 'heatmap' yields the original result.


Also, as I was typing the above it occurred to me the measurement of the plan might have been incorrect, resulting in an out-of-scale situation causing this, and so I've just reconfirmed the measurement of the plan/scale is indeed correct.


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