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VisualRF planner default power for planned devices Q

I noticed while using the VisualRF planner feature of Airwave that the default power for planned devices is 12dBm. (for the IAP-105). The spec sheet for this unit says maximum power is 23 dBm and I understand it is not good to run a WAP at full power.


Is this a good value to use by default? Can I set my defaults higher? What do people generally use?

Re: VisualRF planner default power for planned devices Q

I usually set it on the middle (15) , a good deployment doesn't requiring your AP units to work at max.
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Re: VisualRF planner default power for planned devices Q


There are some good reasons to do such. The general thing is ARM. Bear in mind that every Aruba WLAN has enabled ARM by default. ARM controls channel and TX PWR. Doing such estimation/planning in VisualRF with +12dBm you give some space for ARM to increase power in case of issues with coverage - i.e  AP failure. There is anoter good reason - reduced power means smaller cells and statistically lower interference. Personally I do my project with +12dBm or +14dBm. It allows to increase TX PWR 6dB up at 2.4GHz (to 20dBm) and generally 9dB up (to 23dBm - depends on part of the band) at 5GHz


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