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What is the TOS value for video. I know voice is 46.

I have an application that uses and IPad that uses video for language interpreters. The voice quality is fine but the video occasionally has a 2 to 3 second freeze. I have turned on WMM and put the media flag on ports in an ACL. The big drawback is this application runs over the Internet and I kow there is no quarentee of QOS there. I figured the poosibility of adding a TOS bit to the ports that are used for video.


Re: What is the TOS value for video. I know voice is 46.



the default mapping is as follows


0-7          BE
8-23        BK
24-31        BE
32-47        VI
48-63        VO


clients dont necessarily follow this, and neither is Aruba's default mapping necessarily 100% compatible with what other devices do - so I advise you to first work out whats happening before making changes.


So, revert all your changes (note that even wmm is not needed, any 11n client has to support it anyways) and try the following:


1. clear the radio stats, i.e. "clear ap debug radio-stats ap-name <> radio [0|1]" where 0 is 5ghz, 1 is 2.4ghz - i presume your test is in 5ghz so use "0"


2. associate the client (so that it starts with zeroed stats, or use 'clear ap debug client-stats <mac'


3. start traffic. Whilst the traffic is running, use "show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <> radio 0 | include WMM", do this 5 times in a row with say 1 second spacing


4. also collect "show datapath session table <ip of client>"  -- this output will have information about any DSCP marking on the packets.


you should see the tx and rx wmm stats incrementing on radio stats - this will tell you what your classification is doing before you change anything.




(sg-7005) #show ap debug radio-stats ap-name ap205 radio 0 | include WMM
Tx WMM [BE]                         43694
Tx WMM [VI]                          1233

Tx WMM [VO]                         31

Rx WMM [BE]                         45124

Tx WMM [VI]                          1344

Rx WMM [VO]                         451


then when you run it again, you can inspect the difference in the stats. it should be obvious (you can let the session run longer or just clear the radio stats again) which QOS classes are being used. Stop the traffic and the stats should stop too.

You can also cross check against "show ap debug client-stats <mac>" which also has WMM counters


after this is done, you can decide what tweaks need to be made to QOS.





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