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Wifi clients don't get IP from DHCP server IAP 105

I have a working wifi system with ca 50 AP. I want to set a new one on a premise where the local L2 switch is not mine, that manage another network admin.
The enviroment:
1. I have external DHCP server ( for Wifi Clients (VLAN 2403)
2. AP IP is (VLAN 2405), the AP's dhcp server is the Core sw. Core switch is connected to the premise L2 switch, between two don't exist L3 connection.
3. Core switch has VLAN 2403 interface:, this IP is the gw of DHCP pool and I set on interface ip dhcp helper address

4. AP is registered in Controller (7030A), SSID show the remote premise users but they don't get IP.

What I did and saw:

I made debug dhcp discover on Core switch, but when we made test (remote user tried to connect to SSID) I didn't see dhcp discover message from AP and the user didn't got IP too. Should I have to see DHCP discover message when users try to connect to SSID?

AP managment part on controller (Monitoring -> Air Monitor: ->  Overview):

Wired Interface Packets cell: During the test when a client tried to connect to SSID the packets number of interface didn't increase. I think the dhcp discover traffic didn't go out from the AP.

Network admin of premise is set the AP's port access (VLAN2405) in L2 switch and on the trunk allowed all VLAN.

Wifi_topology.pngWifi topology


What can be the problem?

Thank you


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