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Will the 3000 Series controller support AP-225?

Recently I was asked to review a network design that was slated to use the Aruba AP-225 model (33 APs), and the 3400 controller.


I advised the person that submitted the design to me that it was likely that the 3400 controller would not support the AP-225, and he would have to resubmit the RFP with a 7200 series controller.


I later checked the release chains for the ArubaOS, and it appears that the releases past the one that first supported the 200 Series APs, also is still supported on the older controller platforms.  Does this mean that those older platforms will work with the newer APs as well?


Re: Will the 3000 Series controller support AP-225?

AP support is based on code support.


The 3400 can run the code required for AP-22x (6.3+). So yes, the 3400 is supported.


You won't have some of the next-gen features like DPI firewall policies, but most other functionality is supported.





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Re: Will the 3000 Series controller support AP-225?


Thank you for the very quick response.  You have just made my day as well as the Engineer that I can now share this with.

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Re: Will the 3000 Series controller support AP-225?

However if you haven't ordered anything yet, the 7030 is the logical replacement for the 3400 and it will support dpi and next gen firewall features. This is the same price point.
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